The Pierrepoint Fine Art

Chris Forsey R.I.

Energetic, enthusiastic and cheerful, he works hard and fast. If we could get more of his paintings we could sell them but such is the demand for his work from other galleries that we have to be content with our fair share. His paintings are colourful but not garish and with his keen eye and careful attention to composition they grab your attention. Put one in the gallery window and people stop to look. The colours are bright yet not overbearing, on the contrary they are kind on the eye. Since becoming RI in 2010 his work has moved up a notch and so have his prices!

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David Ralph Simpson

Only found in the best galleries and collected throughout the world! A very special painter indeed. There is nothing conventional about him or his work. His focus, and that is an apposite word, is on the essence of the subject. Some of his work is sometimes described as abstract – it is not, it is reductionist. It is the sensation of the subject boiled down, simplified and yet uplifted. None deny the quality of his work, few argue about the price.

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Antony Bamber

Anthony Bamber’s landscape paintings are an exuberant celebration of the Yorkshire landscape where he has lived for many years. These paintings seem to generate a feeling of wellbeing, they are full of light and fresh air – easy words but rarely translated into truth in a painting. Light, air, energy and colour. Light, air, energy, colour, and space, and place. They move, they breathe.

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John Walker

In the more than 10 years of the Pierrepoint his work has been ever present and now we have collectors and visitors who eagerly await the arrival of new work. It is work that continues to develop whether in oils, linoprint or mixed media. Beautifully crafted, the best materials, original and insightful, of time and place – very collectable.

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Philippa Goold

There are those that look at Philippa’s work and mention the name, Stanley Spencer. Her paintings are very much hers and not deliberately inspired by Spencer but she would, nevertheless be quietly pleased. Figurative, amusing, acutely observed, imaginative, endlessly interesting.

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Paul Cleden

In his own words: I work as an Illustrator and Printmaker using a number of printmaking techniques throughout my work; lino multi block / reduction prints, or more recently a more fluid mixture of collograph, monoprint and lino etch. The work of artists such as Michael Rothenstein, Edward Bawden, Cyril Power and Lill Tschudi, have played a vital part in the development of my printmaking. In my illustration work I concentrate on children’s book illustration, having worked as a freelance artist in London for a number of years after graduating from Maidstone. I have now begun to incorporate my printmaking into my illustration work. Alongside this, I am a writer of children’s fiction - poems, picture books, and novels.

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Mark Sullivan

A plein air painter who worries about his work but has no need to. Restrained paintings, essential, rich with paint, captivating with light, own one of these and your descendents will thank you.

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Richi Smith

Not to everyone’s taste but exhilarating nonetheless. Personal, unique, deep, sometimes troubling, never boring, often amusing. Not decorative, definitely informative, painterly. Painted from the mind inspirationally. Dare to be different.

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