How to buy

We try to make buying as easy as possible! These are mostly unique pieces of work and you only get one chance. Even the rare cases where we have limited editions, they are just that, limited. So, whether you are a collector, investor or looking for one special piece of work, if there is something in our collection that you would like to buy then contact us as soon as possible.

If you want it; don’t lose it – RESERVE IT! We can sort out the payment later but when it’s gone, it’s gone!


We take all the major credit and debit cards but NOT American Express.


Any item under £2000 can be purchased through the Arts Council’s Own Art scheme subject to status and the terms of the scheme. It is an easy process most of which can be dealt with over the phone. The repayment period is 10 months so that is 10 equal payments each month. So, for example, a £750 painting would be £75.00 per month. You can part pay and then pay the balance over 10 months and indeed you can buy anything with a value of more than £2000 but just pay the difference in advance. You can have more than one scheme running simultaneously.

Setting aside a monthly budget is a great way to build a collection.

Outside of the Own Art scheme larger loans may also be available.


Naturally we also accept cheques, personal or business. Direct payment via Internet banking works well and is very simple, fast and economical for both of us.


If there is a painting that you really want but the timing is not so good, maybe it is for a present later in the year, get in touch with us straightaway and we will be happy to put it aside for you. We can discuss the time scale and it may be necessary for you to pay a deposit. When the time is right you can decide on any of the payment methods currently available to Pierrepoint customers. You may wish to make stage payments whilst the painting is held in reserve.


The larger work cannot be purchased online but you can make the purchase by phone. Smaller work and artists prints can be purchased via Pierrepoint Online.


Of course!

Don’t forget – if you want it; don’t lose it – RESERVE IT! We can sort out the payment later but when it’s gone, it’s gone!